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PLP Project 2 Members (2010-2011)
Susan Davis, Dean of Faculty (team leader), English and Language Arts Teacher
Jan Ott, Science Teacher
Liz Thornton, Social Studies Teacher

2011 Project Outline

PLP Project 1 Members (2009-2010):
Ray Griffin, Director, Math Teacher
Susan Davis, Dean of Faculty (team leader), English and Language Arts Teacher
Dale Dilworth, Dean of Students, English and Language Arts Teacher
Jeremy Duncan, Skills Dept. Chair, Technology and Math Teacher
Dorothy Scrutchin, 6th-Grade Team Leader, English and Language Arts Teacher

2010 Project Outline

Project Overview:
Our project has been to design a roll-out for implementing a senior capstone project that will use twenty-first century skills to focus on creativity and innovation, to establish a positive digital footprint to begin their college and later careers. The scope of this project is expected to touch every aspect of teaching and learning at the school. Over time, we hope that every grade level and possibly every course will contribute to building towards this culminating capstone experience in some way. We have already begun to invite faculty into discussions about implementation. The Class of 2011 will begin developing project ideas in May. Teachers and students will read Daniel Pink's Drive over the summer and comment on a blog about their responses to the reading, as well as work together at preparation meetings prior to the opening of school in August 2010. The Pilot Project will be launched for seniors in 2010-2011, combining a Senior Seminar with the senior-level Technology Applications II course. Faculty training will continue throughout the year. Students first projects will be produced in May of 2011 and archived digitally. An 8th-grade mini-project will be developed by middle-school faculty in the fall and implemented in the spring of 2011. Other teachers will be brought into the process as mentors and panel experts, which will pave the way for implementing further developments in the curriculum across all levels and courses in the following two years.