Concerns about integrated curriculum:
Is history driving the curriculum?
Is it too Western?
How can we frame essential questions for the year, and driving questions for each project, to bring out the best in each "subject" area? I know we are trying to tear down the walls between disciplines, but what if key skills, concepts, and content that may be "lost" in the process? (Example: What are the math skills expected for success in Algebra I in the 8th grade?)

Questions for Sheryl?
Difference between skills and qualities?
Sheryl's Answer: "Qualities are the values and dispositions that shift with motivation. Skills can be improved with repetition."

How to assess for either?
Sheryl's Answer: Assessment For Learning:"Make sure the assessment is built into the task, so that it gives messages to the learner and to the teacher."
Assessment Of Learning: "Self directed, artifact creation, portfolio, performance"
Can everyone get an A? Is the point to have a bell-curve? Or, to have students master a concept? Should we give do-overs? Contracts?
How to give letter grades? Create a rubric collaboratively...give rubrics, require self reflection. Have students grade each others' work and give grades.

How do you know deep learning is happening?
Sheryl's Answer: First, define deep learning. Then, go through the list of characteristics. Score each aspect of deep learning.

What does success look like?
Implemented a pilot program
Developed a curriculum
Implemented a curriculum
Reflected periodically (blog, quarterly by meeting)
Develop appropriate assessments
Assessed for deep learning